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This is Qualud inside

A story

born in pandemic

Qualud arises, like all entrepreneurship projects, as a simple idea for the first time in 2017. At that time it was thought that, a technology and design agency that worked specifically for the health sector could be a good idea to provide technological and innovative platforms to improve people's health.

In 2020 the pandemic arrived, paralyzing the life of the whole world and collapsing our health system. Many works changed totally and this new environment forced many to rethink what their work and life purpose was.

It was then, that Qualud's 4 members decided to turn their situation and launch that idea that in 2017 had been parked.

And so

Qualud S.L. was born

We are a company that works to boost technological innovation specifically in the health sector, to build solutions and digital platforms that really and positively impact people's quality of life.

We want to serve as an impulse tool for the digitalization of the health system and the creation of the health of the future. We are always in constant collaboration with all the innovation agents of the Society, to put ourselves at the service of professionals, users and patients.

Because together, we must continue working so that technology serves as a key tool for progress of a system that needs innovation to continue taking care of the most important thing we have: our health.


Our key

Tech lovers

We are at the forefront in specialized designs and development systems, offering the most advance technology, under high quality and data safety standards and in accordance with the ISOS corresponding to the sector.

Technology at the height of science.

Digital Health Experts

Thanks to our professional experience, we know the health system from inside. We know which are the needs, potentialities and the way of addressing possible solutions, with a perspective focused on patients, family and professionals.

Obsession to improve

Iterate, iterate and iterate. We use agile methodologies that allow us to analyze the progress in each phase of the projects to be able to figure out possible improvements and thus save time, effort and costs.

Quality by Qualud.

Know a part

of us

Qualud's brain

Our team

Eudald Mas


Irene González


Reinier Torres


Adrián Dorado

Design Lead

Mònica Huertas

UX/UI Designer

Julia González

UX/UI Designer

Daniel Morfa

Technical Lead

Alexys Martínez

Frontend Developer

Carlos Duardo

Full Stack Developer

Omar Meneses

Full Stack Developer

Carlos Gómez

Backend Developer

Geovany Arredondo

Backend Developer

Adrián Ávila

App Developer

Víctor Daniel Arteaga

App Developer

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