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the health of the future

We create innovative technology for the health sector


that beats

We humanize digital processes that help improve people's quality of life

Lo que hacemos

We create digital products

We are experts in designing and developing technological products from beginning to end for the health sector

We humanize technology

We think of the people behind the projects, designing unique experiences that help improve health

We generate social impact

We contribute to generating digital tools that support the health system to create the health of the future

We like

what we do

We transform the problems into challenges.
We rethink current care processes to create innovative digital solutions

We know the sector and learn from each project. Understanding the processes of the health system, assistance units and clinical pathologies is key to design products adapted to the real needs of people.

Users and patients are the key to each project. We listen and empathize with their needs to adapt technology and create products with functionalities that offer a real and adapted solution.
We build robust and efficient products, based on data safety and using agile methodologies and validation techniques that allow us to advance with security in each phase of development.

We have extensive experience in the design of health gamification dynamics, that leads to greater adherence to treatments and improve the experience of patients with their care processes and their treatment's monitoring.

And also

how do we do it

We work with methodologies that adapt to the needs of each client, guaranteeing maximum flexibility, understanding and quality in everything we do

The Agile methodology allows to develop projects continuously and progressively, without a need to have everything clear from the beginning and having the possibility of adding functionalities. This methodology allows us to advance little by little, working in temporary packages with a deliverable at the end.

It is also paid agile. You will only pay for what we did and works. No more no less.

Our solutions can be integrated with everything and everyone.

We work with a “API First” based development, building platforms connected to other systems to offer integrated solutions in user current platforms.

Our work processes are governed by the European Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) and the data safety standards established by ISO 27001.
The protection of clinical data of patients and users, is a differential and key point in our technological expertise.
When you work with us, we form a single team. You will be in direct contact with the project team members at all times and you will have access to the platforms monitoring the internal processes to know at all times, what is happening with your product.

We bring your ideas

to life

Our projects are the best presentation letter

Barcelona Health Hub

Mútua de Terrassa


Clínicas Mi Tres Torres

Our products

We contribute to generate a real improvement in the way of understanding and interacting with digital health, positively impacting people's physical and mental health through innovative digital platforms with real impact.

Innovation as the engine of the health of the future.

Laia with you

Laia is a virtual companion of mental health in motherhood, to take care of women's mental health during preconception, pregnancy and postpartum.


Assistance platform for patients with obesity in their weight loss treatment prior to a surgical intervention of stomach reduction.